InSIST is affiliated with Mumbai University (, one of the oldest universities in India. 

In affiliation with the University of Mumbai, Philosophy Department, we currently offer M.A. (by research) and Ph.D. degrees in philosophy. Admission are open for these two programs throughout the year.

We intend to start in the near future two further departments.

  • Center for quantum computing, based on our own approach to macroscopic quantum mechanics
  • Center for interdisciplinary studies in science. 

Thus, more developments are planned for the future.




M.A. (by research) in Philosophy:

The M.A. (by research) in Philosophy is a two year program and is conducted in affiliation with the University of Mumbai.

Graduates of the University of Mumbai or of any recognized University, equivalent to the University of Mumbai are eligible for direct admission to the M.A. (by research) Program in Philosophy as long as candidates have graduated with at least two courses in Philosophy.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts (or Bachelor of Science) in a subject other than philosophy (and who have not taken two courses in philosophy) are required to appear for an entrance exam conducted by InSIST. (This entrance exam is referred to as the Change of Faculty exam by the University of Mumbai.)

A graduate of another University other than University of Mumbai is required to obtain a certificate of Eligibility from the Registrar, University of Mumbai. Obtaining this certificate involves the candidate physically going to the Registrar with marksheets or transcripts and obtaining the stamp of the Registrar.

Application forms for admission to the M.A./ Ph.D Programs can be obtained from InSIST during office hours or by clicking on the download link below.

While applying for admission, a candidate is required to submit the following:

  • Prescribed fees as given below,
  • Certificate of Eligibility
  • Statement of marks, passing certificate or degree certificate, with photocopy of each.

There is no fixed date for admission to the program and thus admissions are open throughout the year.

Ph.D. in Philosophy:

The Ph.D. in Philosophy requires a minimum of two years and students will often take longer than two years. Applicants must have completed a Master’s degree.

Applicants should fill out and submit the application form. If the applicant has not completed two courses in philosophy in their Master’s degree, then the applicant must appear for an Entrance Exam (also known as the Change of Faculty Exam).

After passing the entrance exam, applicants must appear for the PhD eligibility test (PET) which is conducted two times per year at the University of Mumbai. More details about this test can be found at the following webpage of the University of Mumbai:

After passing the PhD eligibility test (PET), candidates are required to select a project in consultation with their guide, review the relevant literature and write a Research Proposal.

For details on Admission in the PhD program please click the following:

There is no fixed date for admission to the program and thus admissions are open throughout the year.


Course   Tuition Fees   P.G. Registration Fees   Library Fees   Gymkhana Fees   Other Fees   Total
M.A.   Rs.1000   Rs.815   Rs.200   Rs.125   Rs.111   Rs.2251
Ph.D.   Rs.1000   Rs.815   Rs.400   Rs.125   Rs.86   Rs.2426





 DOWNLOAD PDF FILE OF "Survey of the Field" HERE.